OSP Healthcare 'Delivering Experiences' with their OnePagePicture

Like lots of businesses we work with, OSP Healthcare has an exciting range of talents and services. But how do you talk about them and be creative? Show how they work together, influence and cross over and showcase what sets them apart from the crowd?

Working closely with the team we created a picture for their business. A picture that tells the story of delivering amazing, show-stopping ‘Experiences’. OSP Healthcare takes knowledge from each of their key areas - communicate, educate, stimulate and innovate to create unique experiences for their clients from Exhibitions or Sensory experiences to e-learning and film production.

Used for opening bids and strategies, presentations and online experiences, they even created their website around their visual story.

How we helped - Messaging, illustration, Presenting support & Prezi experience.

See the picture in action and visit the OSP Healthcare website